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Data Scientist Roadmap with Free Courses

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Step 1: Introduction to Data Science

  1. Title: What is Data Science?
  1. Title: Python for Data Science and AI

Step 2: Data Wrangling and Exploration

  1. Title: Data Wrangling and Exploration
  1. Title: Data Visualization with Python

Step 3: Machine Learning Fundamentals

  1. Title: Machine Learning for Everyone
  1. Title: Applied Machine Learning

Step 4: Advanced Machine Learning and AI

  1. Title: Deep Learning Specialization
  1. Title: AI for Everyone

Step 5: Big Data and Data Engineering

  1. Title: Big Data Specialization
  1. Title: Data Engineering on Google Cloud

Step 6: Specialized Topics and Advanced Tools

  1. Title: Natural Language Processing Specialization
  1. Title: TensorFlow in Practice

Step 7: Business and Communication Skills

  1. Title: Data Science and Business Analytics
  1. Title: Data Science Professional Certificate

Step 8: Capstone Project and Real-World Experience

  1. Title: Applied Data Science Capstone
  1. Title: Data Science at Scale Specialization

This roadmap provides a structured path to become a proficient data scientist, leveraging courses and specializations from Coursera. Each step builds on the previous one, covering fundamental to advanced topics in data science.