A Practitioner’s Approach to Power Distribution & Automation Specialization


Our specialization is a blend of basic and emerging technology in the power distribution sector through two unique courses. First course is Electrical Power Distribution wherein we deal from concept to commissioning level, give exposure to the learners statutory regulations, the different distribution equipment like distribution transformers, pole mounted substation, auto reclosure, sectionlizers, Compact Substation, Ring Main unit. Today we are moving more of digitalization and our specialization covers the automation in distribution sector which is being implemented by different electricity boards in Indian and across the globe.
The Second course is on Medium Voltage (MV) Substation (up to 33kV). This course is an integral part of power distribution having a unique blend of fundamental concepts and engineering methodology for voltage levels of up to 33kV. The course is structured pragmatically to help the learner understand the industry practices in conducting the engineering for substations and selection of various substation equipment in accordance with Indian & International Standards. It starts with bus bar schemes, layout aspects, selection of land, electrical equipment selection, interface requirement with civil and mechanical, cable routing, earthing and lightening protection and illumination engineering. In addition, it covers electrical safety rules, safe operating procedures and an overview of maintenance practices to give a holistic understanding of the subject.

Concepts are explained through videos shot at actual construction site whever possible. All the Courses under the Specialization has any photographs (taken from actual site) and animation vidoes to help learners visualize whats being explained.The use of audio visual effects to explain industrial concepts along with site videos will give the learners feel of how equipment look at substation.

What’s included