Advanced Data Modeling


Develop a working knowledge and familiarity with advanced database concepts such as usage, modeling, automation, storage, optimization and administration.

To take this course, you must have completed the previous Database courses. You must also be eager to continue your journey with coding.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

– Deploy basic data modeling skills and navigate modern storage options for a data warehouse
– Apply planning and execution of ETL style database engineering by building upon existing MySQL skills
– Develop a working knowledge of the different aspects of managing a database including administration of database operations and concerns, alongside processes and solutions for monitoring, reporting and debugging
– Demonstrate data modeling skills within a real-world project environment

You’ll gain experience with the following tools and software:

– Workbench data modeling software
– Syntaxes used to interact with a data warehouse
– Extract, transform and loading (ETL) techniques and methods
– MySQL data warehouse administration
– Data warehouse monitoring and reporting tools
– Database debugging and testing tools
– Data modeling tools

What’s included