Agile Leadership Specialization


Constant fast change has become a reality of our time. Agile has become a popular leadership philosophy and a project management methodology for addressing this reality. While the theory is simple, it’s much more challenging to become Agile in practice.
To bridge the gap between an easy theory and complex application, you will learn three critical success components for executing the complexity of Agile in practice: the neuroscience of change, social psychology, and change management.
In this specialization, you will learn how to become an agile leader, how to build agile teams by using Agile philosophy and Scrum tools, and how to approach transforming a traditional organization into agile.
This specialization will prepare you to build change-resiliency within yourself, your team, and your organization and implement Agile practices where appropriate to leverage its maximum benefits.

Learners will evaluate themselves, their team, and the organization for agility by creating a set of baseline assessments. They will identify opportunities and design a comprehensive transformation roadmap at a leader, team, and organizational level by applying the psychology of change, Scrum, and change management in their business setting.

What’s included