Asian American History and Identity: An Anti-Racism Toolkit


In this course, students will develop a greater understanding of Asian American history and identities, explore the problematic history of anti-Asian discrimination in the US, and develop skill sets that they can use to address anti-Asian hate and violence in their community. Target learners include students interested in Asian American history and Anti-Racism, but also any learner interested in creating more inclusive communities for AAPI Americans and stopping racism, hate, and violence in their community.

Drawing from a diverse range of Asian American experiences, this course will utilize a variety of course-specific and open-source materials and activities that include facilitated conversations, interviews, videos, articles, podcasts, and art to guide the learner through 3 weekly modules. Week 1 focuses on the history of Asian American cultures and identities in the US. Week 2 tightens this lens to examine contextual examples of anti-Asian racism in US history and culture as well as artists, activists, and communities who have actively resisted Anti-Asian violence. Week 3 explores examples of Asian American activism and anti-racism using a humanities-centered approach and encourages learners to think about ways to deploy the skills developed throughout the course in their own communities and lives. During the course, learners will have the opportunity to complete self-guided reflections and responses to course material that will develop their knowledge of anti-racist practices and active bystander intervention. Learners who complete the course will be offered the opportunity to earn a Coursera badge/certificate and all participants will be encouraged to take the knowledge and skills gained from the course into their communities.

What’s included