Becoming a certified SAP Professional


Becoming a Certified SAP Professional is the seventh course in the SAP Technology Consultant Professional Certificate program. Now that you’ve completed the first 6 courses, including the project, you’ll spend time considering the next steps in your SAP career.

You’ll explore different industries, portfolios, and domains. You’ll dig deep into available career development resources, build your resume, practice interviewing, and look at the jobs available in the market. You’ll spend time assessing what SAP learning journey you wish to pursue, including what certifications are required for which role. You’ll then create your own SAP career development plan, listing the actions you need to take to achieve your desired SAP role.
By the end of this course, you will:
Know the next steps you need to take to become an SAP professional.
Have a clear understanding of the different industries, portfolios, and domains you may want to specialize in as an SAP professional.
Know the SAP certification opportunities available on the SAP Learning Hub.
Be aware of other industry-standard technical certifications and how they can support and enhance your SAP credentials and experience.
Have clear guidance on writing CVs or resumes, undertaking interviews and positioning yourself as the best you can be.

What’s included