Blockchain for the decision maker


This nanoMOOC is an introduction to the live course ‘Blockchain for the Decision Maker’, offered by EIT Digital and the Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

You will learn:
– the concept of Distributed Ledgers and how ‘blockchain’ can provide them
– the difference between public networks (as Bitcoin) and consortial ones bespoke for specific business consortia and needs
– the key value propositions of blockchain for business and a birds-eye view of use case patterns
– the fact that conscious, stepwise “blockchainification” can help you avoid unnecessary disruption and manage risk
– turnkey solutions on the leading clouds enable enterprise integration and rapid introduction
After completion, join the live course and deep-dive into blockchain with face-to-face training, group activities, and hands-on exercises, plus the ‘bring your own problem’ session!

What’s included