Building No-Code Apps with AppSheet Specialization


This specialization first introduces you to the fundamentals of no-code application development and the capabilities offered by Google Cloud’s no-code application development platform AppSheet. Learn to organize and manage app data, secure and customize apps, and integrate with external services. The courses in this specialization also include topics on managing and upgrading your app, improving app performance and troubleshooting. Recognize the need to implement business process automation, and use AppSheet’s automation capabilities to send notifications, generate reports and parse documents.

The courses that make up this specialization teach you how to develop no-code apps and implement various capabilities that include data organization and management, application security, actions and integrations in your app using AppSheet. Learners learn to version and upgrade an app, improve app scalability and performance, and troubleshoot common problems with the app.Recognize the need to implement business process automation in your organization. The course on AppSheet automation discusses automation patterns and use cases, and how to use AppSheet constructs to implement automation in your app. Learn about the various features of AppSheet automation, how to send notifications, generate reports, parse documents, and integrate your app with Google Workspace products.

What’s included