Business Analytics Specialization


Our world has become increasingly digital, and business leaders need to make sense of the enormous amount of available data today. In order to make key strategic business decisions and leverage data as a competitive advantage, it is critical to understand how to draw key insights from this data. The Business Analytics specialization is targeted towards aspiring managers, senior managers, and business executives who wish to have a well-rounded knowledge of business analytics that integrates the areas of data science, analytics and business decision making.
The courses in this Specialization will focus on strategy, methods, tools, and applications that are widely used in business. Topics covered include:
Data strategy at firms Reliable ways to collect, analyze, and visualize data–and utilize data in organizational decision making Understanding data modeling and predictive analytics at a high-level Learning basic methods of business analytics by working with data sets and tools such as Power BI, Alteryx, and RStudio Learning to make informed business decisions via analytics across key functional areas in business such as finance, marketing, retail & supply chain management, and social media to enhance profitability and competitiveness.

A central premise of these courses is that applying targeted subject-matter expertise is crucial in order to frame the correct data problem, collect and analyze data, and to develop and operationalize performance metrics. Each subject area will be followed by an in-depth project-based application and analysis exercise.

What’s included