Business Application of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare


The future of healthcare is becoming dependent on our ability to integrate Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence into our organizations. But it is not enough to recognize the opportunities of AI; we as leaders in the healthcare industry have to first determine the best use for these applications ensuring that we focus our investment on solving problems that impact the bottom line.

Throughout these four modules we will examine the use of decision support, journey mapping, predictive analytics, and embedding Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence into the healthcare industry. By the end of this course you will be able to:
1. Determine the factors involved in decision support that can improve business performance across the provider/payer ecosystem.
2. Identify opportunities for business applications in healthcare by applying journey mapping and pain point analysis in a real world context.
3. Identify differences in methods and techniques in order to appropriately apply to pain points using case studies.
4. Critically assess the opportunities to leverage decision support in adapting to trends in the industry.

What’s included