Business Case for Cloud Workloads


Learn what a workloads placement strategy is, why it is important, and how to demonstrate to customers the tangible value that Intel® technical optimizations offer as part of the workload placement process.

● Cloud Customer Business Drivers and Requirements: This lesson identifies what business and ecosystem drivers lead a business to adopt a cloud infrastructure and what requirements that should incorporate into their cloud business decisions. (Duration: 30 minutes)
● Cloud Services Business Impacts: In this lesson you will learn about cloud services considerations, cloud transformation business methodology, and the value of Intel technology in the cloud. (Duration: 30 minutes)
● Yes: This lesson describes the challenges businesses face in building a digital enterprise and how the cloud supported by Intel® technology help deliver strong value in meeting their business requirements. (Duration: 30 minutes)
● Aligning Cloud Business Needs – Use Case Discussions: This lesson provides role play scenarios describing how to handle four distinct cloud business use case discussions. (Duration: 41 minutes)

What’s included