Business Data Management and Communication Specialization


In a world driven by big data, it is crucial to understand how valuable information can be extracted from large volumes of data. Further, it is pivotal to utilize information to its full potential. This not only requires one to extract value from data but also to effectively communicate the information obtained. The Business Data Management and Communication Specialization is tailored to deliver a well-balanced curriculum that focuses on all three aspects – Understanding Data, Extracting Valuable Information, and Effective Communication. The courses in this Specialization will focus on advanced accounting, working with big data, communicating data and information analysis.
Topics covered include:
Understand the basics of how to analyze balance sheet and cash flow statements Understand how accrual accounting and fundamental accounting concepts work Learn how to collect, analyze, and visualize data and use the same in decision making processes Learn how to use R to communicate data analytics results Explore various ways that information can generate economic value Understand how crucial information is and learn how to gauge the potential of valuable information

The core concept based on which the specialization is structured is that data and information, when utilized effectively, can provide significant economic benefits. Getting from raw data to valuable information involves a plethora of analytical processes and understanding of the underlying data. Each course in the specialization will provide an in-depth application and data analysis exercise.

What’s included