Business Strategy Specialization


This Specialization covers both the dynamics and the global aspects of strategic management. You’ll learn how to evaluate industry evolution, build and sustain competitive advantage, formulate and assess business strategies, and align efforts to organizational strategy. In the final Capstone Project, you’ll apply your skills by creating a comprehensive Strategic Analysis for an existing business or a venture of your own.

You will bring together all that you have learned in the foundational courses and employ your toolkit to develop a comprehensive Strategic Analysis. You will analyze the current state of the organization of your choice, strategic issues facing that organization and strategic paths it might pursue. Then you will make a recommendation of the best path for the organization to pursue, and write an Executive Summary. Your finished project will showcase your ability to conduct research on/within an organization, select and apply the most appropriate analytical tools, build a well-supported case for a specific position, and effectively communicate key points with executive leadership.

What’s included