Business Value and Project Management Specialization


In an era of thriving businesses, both small and large, it is crucial to possess an in-depth understanding of the minutiae of the building blocks of a successful organization. Building, growing, and sustaining a successful business requires great knowledge in multiple fields. Through this 6-course Specialization in Business Value and Project Management, you will be provided a well-rounded knowledge of three key facets of business – Financial Accounting and Managing Projects and Organizations.
The courses in this Specialization focus on financial accounting topics, organizational principles and frameworks, and project planning and execution. Topics covered include:
Understand the basics of how to analyze balance sheet and cash flow statements Understand how accrual accounting and fundamental accounting concepts work Develop strategies to facilitate organizational growth Develop solutions to common managerial challenges Explore a plethora of project planning models and understand when each is most effective Understandhow execution and progress evaluation is performed in a waterfall approach, as well as the agile approach to project management

A central premise of these courses is that obtaining a well-rounded expertise in multiple facets of business is crucial to successfully growing and sustaining a business. Each subject area will be followed by an in-depth application and analysis exercise.

What’s included