Child Care as a Business


This course is targeted toward individuals wishing to run a home-based child care center. It covers topics such as the fundamentals of an in-home childcare setting as a business; the importance of financial management of a child care center; the creation of a child care contract; and an exploration of how to set tuition rates.

Since a Family Policy Handbook is essential for anyone operating a family day care center, this course includes the development of one of three imperative sections of the handbook. The remaining two sections are created in complementary courses of the Home-Based Child Care series available on Coursera.

What you will learn

Introduction: Family Policy Handbook Project

The intention of this module is to introduce you to the Home-Based Child Care Final Project, including the rubric which will be used to score your final project submission.

Introduction to a Home-Based Child Care Program

In this module, we will discuss a home-based childcare business, including how to operate one, based on your state guidelines. We will also discuss the basic needs and start-up costs for running a home-based childcare business.

Bookkeeping Basics

This module covers how to properly budget your Home-Based Childcare program, including what type of liability insurance you should get, how to pay taxes, filing tax forms, and your responsibilities to your clients.

Childcare Contracts

In Module 4, you will learn how to create a childcare contract and expand on your policy handbook. You will learn what to put into your childcare contract and what additional information goes into your policy handbook. You will learn what resources are available to you as the Home-Based Childcare provider.

What’s included