Cloud and Wireless Security


Course 6: Cloud and Wireless Security

Welcome to course six. This course applies to security concepts, ideas, and considerations to two major changes that we have experienced in recent years. It’s regarding the way we use the data. First, we use our data on the go. In other words, data services are provided to our mobile phones, Wi-Fi, and other devices. Second, many enhanced functions are implemented through services hosted in the cloud platform, where our data is stored or processed. Both transformations are complex topics. However, as a security practitioner, we can narrow these two topics by applying the security fundamentals to secure the data. This boils down to the three basics of protecting data at rest, in motion, and in use. The data is either on the endpoint devices, servers, or other endpoints, making these services a reality.
Course 6 Learning Objectives
After completing this course, the participant will be able to: 
L6.1 – Recall cloud security concepts and configurations.
L6.2 – Recognize types of virtualization and cloud security considerations.
L6.3 – Summarize the types of telecommunications and network access controls.
Course Agenda
Module 1: Operate and Configure Cloud Security (Domain 7 – Systems and Application Security)
Module 2: Cloud Security Considerations (Domain 6 – Network and Communications Security)
Module 3: Secure Wireless Configurations (Domain 6 – Network and Communications Security)
Who Should Take This Course: Beginners
Experience Required: No prior experience required

What’s included