Collaborate Effectively for Professional Success


Collaboration is not just the act of working together. It goes beyond that. Through collaboration, you can accomplish much more than what you would if you worked alone. Having the skills to communicate with the people you are working with and being able to work as a team towards your goal are just some of the skills you will learn in this course to help you collaborate effectively in the workplace.

In today’s day and age, collaborating as a group does not just mean being able to see and communicate with each other in person, collaborations are done virtually all the time. This short course will teach you about some of the obstacles you may face while virtually collaborating with people and how to overcome these barriers with teamwork.
In order to collaborate successfully, you have to be able to recognize and apply different methods of communication. Collaborating involves working with other people, and when working with others you need to be able to understand their behaviors and how to effectively work together as a team in order to reach your goal.
This short course will help you develop the foundational soft skills to enhance the way you collaborate with your team, others in your company, business partners, and clients.
This course is part of the People and Soft Skills for Professional and Personal Success Specialization from IBM.

What’s included