Community Engagement in Research and Population Health


Welcome to the Community Engagement in Population Health course! As you will learn, the health system is in the midst of a critical transition. The current system is not sustainable with escalating costs, mediocre health outcomes, and unacceptable disparities. This course will first discuss the current system, including definitions of population health and social determinants of health, and how the US compares to other countries on the triple aim –lower cost, better care, and a healthier population. Section 2 will review resources for both population health data and evidence-based public health interventions. Now more than ever, hospitals are addressing community needs through community benefits spending, community health improvement planning, and problem-based research networks. In the final section, the course describes community engagement in practical terms with a discussion of benefits and barriers. Community-based participatory research is presented as an effective way to engage the community in developing solutions to address problems in the health system.

What’s included