Computational Thinking & Block Programming in K-12 Education Specialization


In the 21st century, computational thinking is a skill critical for all the world’s citizens. Computing and technology is impacting all our lives and everyone needs to know how to formulate problems and express their solutions such that a computer can carry it out.
In this Specialization you will both learn several block-based languages, but using novel approaches designed to make learning programming easier.
Covers most CSTA Algorithms & Programming Standards for Algorithms, Variables, Control, and Modularity: Levels 1-3A.

In this Specialization you will complete four projects to support equity in teaching computing (access & standards adoption, underrepresentation & recruiting, diversity, and culturally responsive teaching) and four projects to support quality pedagogical practices for teaching programming (Pair Programming, Parsons’ Problems, Debugging, Creative Programming Projects and Rubrics) . Additionally you will complete the Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles Create Task and create lesson plans to support your students in preparing to succeed on the Create Task.

What’s included