Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)


A principle of DevOps is to replace manual processes with automation to improve efficiency, reduce human error, and accelerate software delivery. This requires automation that continuously integrates code changes and continuously delivers those changes to a production environment.

This course introduces you to Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), an automated approach to software development. You’ll discover the benefits of CI/CD for creating a DevOps pipeline and explore popular CI/CD tools.
You’ll examine the key features of CI, explore social coding, and the Git Feature Branch Workflow. You will also learn about standard CI tools and gain a deep understanding of GitHub Actions workflows and their components.
This course provides an overview of CD and its goals, benefits, and best practices. You will learn the requirements of a CI/CD pipeline and discover standard CD tools.
You will explore Tekton and discover how its components work together to create a CD pipeline. You will learn how to build a pipeline, pass parameters to a pipeline, build triggers to start pipeline runs, implement reusable tasks, and create custom tasks. You will discover how to complete your CD pipeline by building a container image and deploying your application to an OpenShift Kubernetes cluster.
Throughout the course, you can hone your skills and challenge yourself through several hands-on labs.

What’s included