Core Java Specialization


This Core Java Specialization is part of a series of programming specializations, derived from LearnQuest’s private Java Bootcamps, designed to provide the skill set necessary to be hired as an IT developer using Java in many corporate environments.
To be successful in this specialization, we recommend you have an understanding of the fundamentals of software development in any language. LearnQuest offers a beginning programmer specialization that can help you prepare.
In the four courses of this specialization, you’ll quickly master the Java programming language and the packages that constitute its rich set of core libraries. We’ll provide hands-on exercises so you can practice your new skills.
In Course 1, we’ll introduce you to the basic fundamentals of the Java language.
Course 2 provides a refresher on object-oriented programming, and how you can apply OO to Java. We’ll introduce Java classes, instances and packaging.
By the time you get to course 3, you’ll be ready to go deeper into applying OOP concepts in Java, including inheritance and polymorphism.
In course 4 you’ll learn how to use selected parts of the Java SE Class LIbrary, including Generics, Collections, Java Streams, I/O, Exceptions, Annotations and Enums.
While we’ll touch on other important Java topics, such as database connectivity, Java EE and Spring, those topics are covered in greater detail in other LearnQuest Java Specializations.

Throughout the specialization, you will complete hands-on labs to gain experience following the lessons taught in this course. You will learn to use the Eclipse environment to create Java projects to work in. You will use these projects to help develop skills in working with Java data types, and control of the flow of your programs, objects, methods, classes and interfaces. Skills that you will practice in these projects will help you in implementing polymorphism, including calculator (math) functions, and an inventory project.

What’s included