Cost Accounting Specialization


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Many corporate decisions need cost accounting information. When you know the costs of your products, you will make better pricing decisions and you can better choose which products to offer. When you know the costs of your departments, you can better detect inefficiencies and you can better incentivize your employees.
In this Specialization, you will learn the fundamentals of cost accounting. Three courses cover the basics of cost accounting. We will start with an introduction to product costing. How can you figure out the costs of your individual products? Next, we will discuss how to connect cost information with revenue information to calculate profits and profitability. Finally, we focus on how to use the information provided by cost accounting systems to optimize your business decisions.
We have created the courses of this Specialization for interdisciplinary young professionals seeking to develop cost accounting skills. At the same time, the courses can help students in management and business administration to repeat the content of their introductory cost accounting course.

This specialization is structured along with lecture videos and uses readings as well as a series of quizzes and interactive learning elements to help learners gain an understanding of the basics of Cost Accounting. The specialization also applies practical learning elements like building an Excel spreadsheet to determine cost functions and includes numerous illustrative examples from a variety of industries. The coursework teaches learners to plan, control, monitor, and document cost information. From product and service costing, to profit and loss calculation, and leveraging of cost information as the basis for decision-making, the specialization provides a sound foundation to cost accounting.

What’s included