Creating a Social Business


This course is primarily aimed at learners interested in knowing about and running a social business. An ideal learner could be a student, social entrepreneur, social intrapreneur, or a corporate professional interested in social business.

In the Module 1 of the course students will learn how different social business leaders – such as Professor Muhammad Yunus, Rajni Bakshi, Corinne Bazina, Lamiya Morshed, Suresh Krishna, and Daniel Nowack – are reimagining capitalism. The subsequent modules of this course crystallize varied learnings of practitioners and theorists at YSB to a set of tools and readings, which a learner may use as building blocks of a social business.
What makes this course unique is the blend of inspiration and rigor that is very important for any kind of social business education.
Learners may also use this course to advance in their careers, apply for higher education and jobs in the social impact/impact investing industry. The subscription to this course automatically allows a learner to become a part of the Global Social Business Community.
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What you will learn

Introduction to Social Business

“Every time I see a problem, I create a business to solve it,” Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Professor Muhammad Yunus. This course has been designed to teach you the fundamentals of social business, from theory to practice, and how this movement has developed and replicated across the world. You will learn from best-in-class examples of social businesses, including from the founder of the social business movement, Professor Muhammad Yunus. You will learn about how social businesses are different from traditional businesses, and what to think about when you are either establishing a social business of your own or providing investment or mentorship support. In this module, we will hear from experts from the social business field, such as journalists, thinkers, academics, and practitioners, who have initiated change through the power of social business. The upcoming sessions in this module will help you understand what are the key social, economic and environmental challenges affecting the world, and the types of successful solutions that have been developed to address these challenges in the developing world.

Building a Social Business: The first step

In this module, we will dive into a deeper understanding of social business. We will begin with understanding a social problem, identifying the root cause of the problem and mapping a solution to the identified problem. We would cover the key ingredients necessary to build a sustainable social business.

Peer Graded Assignment: The first step

In this module, we will apply the learnings from the introductory module and the first module of this course towards a peer-graded assignment. The aim of this module is to enable collaboration amongst classmates as well as provide and receive relevant feedback.

Building a Social Business: Making it effective

In this module, you are expected to learn more about how to build an effective social business. The modules of this course aim to provide an objective lens to various nuances of starting and running a social business. It includes understanding your beneficiaries, managing your stakeholders, and staying focused in order to run a successful social business.

What’s included