Credit Risk Management: Frameworks and Strategies


In this course, you will use business and industry analysis to understand companies, projects, business models, and financing proposals. You will then prepare qualitative risk analysis for specific companies to use as the basis for financial analysis, project analysis, and risk decisions. Lastly, you will understand how to use financial ratios and financial metrics to evaluate a company or project’s profitability, balance sheet, capital structure, and cash flow to assess overall financial performance and risk profile.

What you will learn

Getting Started

This course will introduce you to the credit risk management principles and concepts. You will also learn about default trends, market indicators and Portfolio Management.​

Module 1: Principles and Concepts​

In this module, we’ll cover the principles and concepts of Credit Risk Management. We’ll review the purpose, benefits and analytical approaches to credit analysis and explore the integrated financial story, conclusions, and risk decision-making. We’ll also cover corporate balance sheets and analyze credit exposures. We’ll look at credit risk outlook and strategy, expected loss, risks and rewards and finally wrap up with a look at debt investors and debt and funding products.​

Module 2: Default Trends and Market Indicators​

In this module, we’ll cover credit markets – trends and recent activity. We’ll look at credit spreads, default rates, default frequencies and default probabilities. We’ll also look at market indicators, bond spreads cred-t-default-swap markets and credit models. We’ll wrap up this module with a look at credit markets and analysis during the pandemic, defaults and bankruptcies.

Module 3: Credit Portfolio Management​

In this module, we’ll cover principles,  concentration risks, and correlation risks. We’ll cover credit deterioration vs. credit default and Credit-risk mitigation. We’ll wrap up this module with a look at credit derivatives and review the lessons learned from past crises.

What’s included