Cyber Threats and Attack Vectors


Data breaches occur nearly every day. From very large retailers, down to your fantasy football website, and anywhere in between, they have been compromised in some way. How did the attackers get in? What did they do with the data they compromised? What should I be concerned with in my own business or my systems? This course is the second course in the Practical Computer Security. It will discuss types of threats and attack vectors commonly seen in today’s environment. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but threats are all over the place! This course isn’t designed to insight fear that there is no hope for keeping systems and business secure, but rather educate you on how attacks are carried out so that you have a better sense of what to look out for in your business or with your systems.

What you will learn


Welcome! This week we’ll explore users and user based attacks. User based attacks are common because it may be easier to compromise a human rather than a computer.

Network and system based attacks

Threats against networks and systems are the most common type of attack method. This week will explore these concepts.

Cloud Security

You use the cloud every day; you may not even realize it! This week will focus on the cloud and security surrounding cloud and cloud services.

Common Vulnerabilities

The week will focus on common vulnerabilities that systems face and how they work.

What’s included