Cybersecurity for Business Specialization


It seems anymore that you can’t listen to the news without hearing of a data breach. You may have heard it said before that there are 2 types of companies out there, the ones who have been breached and those who will be breached. Defending against attackers who want to compromise assets can seem like an arduous task, but learning how attacks work and more importantly how to defend against those attacks can be very fulfilling. This specialization is designed to introduce you to practical computer security by teaching you the fundamentals of how you use security in the business world. This course is for those who want to understand how to defend computer systems and assets from attackers and other threats. It is also for those who want to understand how threats and attacks are carried out to help better defend their systems. This specialization is designed for senior business leaders to middle management and system administrators, so they can all speak the same language and get a better handle on their organization’s security. Additionally, the course material may help you in passing some industry leading computer security examinations such as Security+ and CISSP.

Learners will identify risks and learn how to protect systems given real world system architectures. Learners will also use their knowledge to assess real world data breaches to determine what threats and exploits caused the data breaches and also what defense mechanisms would have prevented the breaches. Finally, learners will use the proactive security knowledge they gained to exploit a live system to show the risks of insecure web applications.

What’s included