Cybersecurity Job Search and Interviews: Getting Started


Are you planning to have a career in cybersecurity?

This course can help you plan your preparation for such a career as well as give some advice on finding positions and landing a position.
After completing this course, a learner will be able to:
• Define the cybersecurity field and describe its variations.
• Describe the need for qualified cybersecurity professionals in U.S. and global organizations.
• Discuss the cybersecurity professional’s role in an organization’s cybersecurity effort.
• Describe the NIST NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework and the use as a cybersecurity career development tool.
• Explain the structure, location, and responsibilities of the cybersecurity department in a traditional versus non-traditional organization.
• List and explain the knowledge preparation for the cybersecurity professional from an education versus training perspective.
• List and describe the various cybersecurity certifications available to cybersecurity professionals and differentiate their suitability based on the professional’s career status.
• Describe the process and resources for finding the perfect cybersecurity job.
• Discuss the expectations and issues associated with the long-term cybersecurity career.

What you will learn

Welcome to Cybersecurity Job Search: Getting Started

This module is a brief introduction to the course.

An Introduction to Careers in Cybersecurity (Module 1)

Learning Objectives for Introduction to Cybersecurity Module

Understanding Cybersecurity Professionals (Module 2)

Learning objectives for Understanding Cybersecurity Professionals.

Cybersecurity in the Organization (Module 3)

Learning objectives for the module on Cybersecurity in the Organization.

What’s included