Data Engineering Capstone Project


In this course you will apply a variety of data engineering skills and techniques you have learned as part of the previous courses in the IBM Data Engineering Professional Certificate. You will assume the role of a Junior Data Engineer who has recently joined the organization and be presented with a real-world use case that requires a data engineering solution.

What you will learn

Data Platform Architecture and OLTP Database

In this module, you will design a data platform that uses MySQL as an OLTP database. You will be using MySQL to store the OLTP data.

Querying Data in NoSQL Databases

In this module, you will design a data platform that uses MongoDB as a NoSQL database. You will use MongoDB to store the e-commerce catalog data.

Build a Data Warehouse

In this module you will design and implement a data warehouse and you will then generate reports from the data in the data warehouse.

Data Analytics

In this module, you will assume the role of a data engineer at an e-commerce company. Your company has finished setting up a data warehouse. Now you are assigned the responsibility to design a reporting dashboard that reflects the key metrics of the business.

What’s included