Data Science and Analysis Tools – from Jupyter to R Markdown Specialization


This specialization is intended for people without programming experience who seek an approachable introduction to data science that uses Python and R to describe and visualize data sets. This course will equip learners with foundational knowledge of data analysis suitable for any analyst roles. In these four courses, you will cover everything from data wrangling to data visualization. These topics will help prepare you to handle various types of data sets, giving you enough knowledge of data science to proficiently compare data sets, describe their relationship, and produce visualizations that highlight that relationship.

Learners will create a variety of data visualizations based off of real data sets that they import and wrangle such as determining and showcasing which professions rank as earning the highest median salaries in 2014. Learners will also work on determining whether people’s traits such as gender have any correlation with their height and/or weight.

What’s included