Database Clients


Explore how to write database driven applications in Python by creating various types of clients that connect to MySQL databases using Python code and Python-related MySQL features and tools.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

– Utilize Python code to create, populate and manipulate MySQL databases and tables
– Access advanced functionality in MySQL using custom built Python clients
– Develop working familiarity with advanced topics in MySQL
– Apply the principles of advanced MySQL topics to problem solving using Python
– Develop a working knowledge of the methods by which a MySQL database connects to the web via a Django API
– Create a useful Python application capable of administration of a MySQL database

You’ll gain experience with the following tools and software:

– Python code
– Python-related MySQL features and tools
– Django REST framework
– _meta API
To take this course, you must have completed the previous course Advanced MySQL topics. You must also be eager to continue your journey with coding.

What’s included