Database systems Specialization


This specialized program is aimed at computer people who want to enter the field of information systems and learn their different types of requirements, architectures, performance, techniques and tools so you can know when to use business intelligence, data mining, data science, databases , databases in memory or big data in order to have reliable, maintainable and scalable data intensive systems. Through 4 courses, you will cover [transactional relational databases, business intelligence and Data warehousing, NoSQL technologies, and reliable, scalable and maintainable data intensive applications that will prepare you for a specialized information system consultant or data scientist.

Course 1, project a Book Store.For this project, you will design, implement and query a transactional database system for a Book Store. The database system will contain books, authors, stores, and sales detail.Course 2, project On-Line Analytical Processing of a Book StoreFor this project, you will design and implement an analytical database. You will be able to program and execute OLAP queries to the data-warehouseCourse 3: NoSQL SystemsProject: Analysis of book sales on a NoSQL databaseFor this project you will design, implement and query a NoSQL Database system for a Book Store using MongoDBCourse 4: Recommendation systemFor this project you will design a recommendation system for book reading and sales stored in a distributed parallel database.

What’s included