Design Thinking: Discovery Tools


Welcome Designers!

In this course, you will learn to use the most important tools from the field of human-centered design to generate ideas: stakeholder mapping, journey mapping, personas, value-chain analysis, the job-to-be-done, ethnographic interviews, and more. Learn to connect with your customers on a human level, to get beyond what they say and observe what they do.
Developed at the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia, the courses sees a team of design experts join Jeanne Liedtka to explore some of these critical tools that will spark your creativity and help you discover more about your potential clients.

What you will learn

Stakeholder Map

This week, we’ll examine the stakeholder mapping tool. This tool is especially critical as we tackle more complex problems using a design thinking methodology.

Job to be Done and Ethnographic Interviews

This week, you’ll learn about two important and related-tools: Job to Be Done and Ethnographic Interview Guides.

Journey Map

This week, you’ll learn about journey mapping, an important discovery tool. We’ll show you what it is and why and how to do it.


This week, we’ll look at how we can use personas to find important differences that can help us surface specific sets of needs and wants.

What’s included