Design Thinking: Insights to Inspiration


Welcome Designers!

In this course, developed at the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia, we will introduce you to the design thinking process. It is a project-based course in which you will identify a human-centered problem that you want to solve. We will focus our attention on the first seven steps of our 14-Step design thinking process.
We’ll guide you through crafting and carrying out a research plan that helps you answer the question, “What is?” You will gather and identify important insights about the needs and wants of others and use this information to identify the attributes of an ideal solution.

What you will learn

Insights into Design Thinking

Welcome to the course! Ready to begin? We are going to get off to a fast start! This week you will be learning some introductory material and starting work on your project by completing Step 1.

Project Planning

In Week 2 you’ll advance your thinking about your project and learn more about the challenges of driving innovation through an organization.

What Is?

After completing your Design Brief, you are ready to move into Steps 4 and 5. This week you’ll make plans and begin your research.

The Innovation Mindset

In Week 4, we will continue to work on the field work for your project. There are no new steps to tackle–just keep focusing on getting your field research completed. With your field work underway, we are going to spend our time this week shifting our focus from the level of process to the level of the personal and ask you to consider your own mindset and repertoire.

What’s included