Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning Specialization


Welcome to the Digital Marketing Institute, the global standard in Digital Marketing certification.
This Specialization explores the foundational areas of Digital Marketing Strategy required to become a skilled digital strategist in any industry and sector. By taking this Specialization with the Digital Marketing Institute, you will understand the forces driving and transforming businesses today and how an effective digital strategy can help a business grow and thrive in this dynamic environment.
After completing all courses in this Specialization, you will receive a DMI x Coursera certificate, DMI’s Certified Digital Marketing Associate certification, and three months of free Power Membership to unlock your next opportunity in a community of over 130k members. The Power Membership will give you access to an extensive content library full of practical resources to help at every stage of your career and stay up to date with the latest developments and insights in digital marketing.

In this Specialization, learners will solve a broad range of authentic business problems as they apply the skills and techniques they learn along the way. Learners will create buyer personas, as well as a digital marketing channel plan to identify the inbound and outbound channels used by these personas. Based on their digital marketing channel plan, learners will also create an ideal team plan to outline the skillsets required to meet their business objectives, engage their personas with the correct digital channels, and improve the overall digital customer experience (CX) of their business.

What’s included