Digital Transformation of Financial Services – Capstone Project


In this capstone project course, we ask YOU to apply everything you have learned in this specialization to analyze a real world company and to develop a digital transformation strategy for this company.

You will have the possibility to choose between four different case companies, that varies in size (from small start-up to large financial service providers), industry (banking, financial trading, insurance) and geographical location.
For one of these — only one — you will create a concise recommendation of a strategy to leverage the digital transformation of financial services. To do this well, you will need to summon ideas appropriately from the earlier three courses in the specialization.

What you will learn

Course introduction

If you’re taking this course, you’ve most likely completed the three earlier courses in this specialisation, Digital Competition in Financial Services, FinTech, and Innovation strategy. In this module you’ll get to apply the concepts you have learned in the course. You’ll get to choose among four cases for your final project and this specialization, as we describe in greater detail in what follows.

Milestone I – Diagnosis
Milestone 2 – Prescription

What’s included