Digitalisation in Aeronautics and Space Specialization


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Digitalisation is changing our society and the working world, creating new processes and radically altering existing workflows. Aerospace is being impacted like every other scientific field and innovation without digitalisation is no longer conceivable. The three-part MOOC series “Digitalisation in Aeronautics and Space” is thus devoted to examining the transformations that have already occurred and forthcoming likely changes, posing the question: what will aerospace science be like in future and what will the influence of digitalisation be on research? An array of research fields are focused on in relation to this question, including artificial intelligence in earth observation, robots in production and digital avionics networks, among others.

The course series projects are devoted to examining the principles of terrestrial technology fields and the disruptive changes caused by digitalisation; to the aircraft design process and particularly the challenges arising during the preliminary design phase and eventually to the principle tasks involved in civil aircraft maintenance. Those three assessments try to give the participants an authentic insight into aerospace research fields and possible job tasks emerging in the aerospace industry.

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