Discounted Cash Flow Valuation Course | 365 Financial Analyst

This course is your ultimate hands-on guide to Discounted Cash Flow modeling. Sign up to learn the core principles of company valuation and how to apply them. Start learning.


What You’ll Learn

The Discounted Cash Flow Valuation course teaches you the fundamental principles of company valuation via a hands-on approach. Each lesson is focused on the practical skills needed to build a DCF model.

  • Understand the two key drivers of company value
  • Calculate Unlevered Free Cash Flow (UFCF)
  • Obtain a company’s cost of equity and cost of debt
  • Discount projected cash flows with the appropriate discount rate
  • Assess a firm’s terminal value stepping on Gordon’s Dividend Discount Model (DDM) formula
  • Find a company’s Equity and Enterprise value

What’s included