Django for Everybody Specialization


This specialization introduces Python programmers to building websites using the Django library. Across the four courses, you will learn HTML, CSS, SQL, Django, JavaScript, jQuery, and JSON Web Services. During the course, you will build online websites using Django and those working websites are graded throughout the course. This series is excellent preparation for learning other ways to build web applications using technologies like PHP (Web Applications for Everybody), Flask or Ruby on Rails. This is a great first course in any web development curriculum.
Learners are encouraged to take the Python for Everybody Specialization or equivalent before beginning this specialization. Some may find it helpful to take the Web Design for Everybody Specialization before or after this series.

In this Specialization, students will learn how to build Django applications and by the end of the course, they will have built a simple web site to store and view classified ads with features like photos, search, and favourites. This web site will be in production and could be added to a student’s portfolio.

What’s included