Drug Development Product Management Specialization


Pharmaceutical and biotech companies are spending years and millions of dollars developing drugs or promising new biologics, all with the hopes of saving or enhancing patients’ lives. This specialization will provide you with a 30,000 feet view of the entire process of drug discovery and development. In the first course you will begin with learning how scientists go from selecting a drug discovery target to filing an Initial New Drug application. In the second course you will learn the intricacy of drug development from Phase 0 to Phase 3 clinical trials and filing a New Drug Application. Finally, in the third course, the specialization will provide you an understanding of the complexities in launching new pharmaceutical products, ensuring sales success and patient access. Healthcare in the U.S. is unlike any other developed country, and this third course provides a good overview for anyone wanting to understand how the U.S. market works.
By the end of the specialization, you will have mastered a better understanding of the process of discovering new drugs. After completing this specialization if you are interested in pursuing a career specializing in drug development and product management you may want to consider exploring our Master of Science in Drug Development & Product Management at ddpm.ucsd.edu

Learn the major aspects of the drug discovery process, starting with target selection, to compound screening to designing lead candidates.Product registration and approval process after a drug is considered safe and effective from Phase 3 trials, it must be authorized in each individual country before it can be marketed. The marketing strategy, pricing strategy and tactical plans as part of the drug commercialization process.

What’s included