ELL Success in the Content Classroom: Capstone Project


As teachers, it is so important to have a plethora of resources to draw upon for modification for specific students and classroom contexts. In this capstone project, you are tasked with applying the concepts learned throughout the specialization, to create your own toolbox designed with the ELL in Mind.

In this two-part capstone, you will first create an annotated lesson plan comprising both formative and summative assessments. The lesson plan will include any modified materials for ELLs such as graphic organizers or writing frames pertinent to the lesson’s activities. The annotation will include a rationale for lesson elements based on information presented in Lesson Planning with the ELL in Mind and Assessing Achievement with the ELL in Mind.
Second, you will use your checklist of resources, personalized to your school and community, to create an engagement plan of action. This should include specific milestones for creating a more engaging environment for your students and their families. You will also include a rationale for elements of engagement based on information presented in Engaging the ELL and Their Families in the School and Community.
In this capstone, you will create a personalized toolbox for ELL success in the content classroom.
This toolbox will include:
* Annotated Lesson Plan
– Modified Materials
– Formative and Summative Assessment
– Lesson Plan and Materials Rationale
* Engagement Action Plan and Rationale
The materials created in this project should be immediately useful in your classroom. Your capstone project should be tailored to your teaching context, content area, and students.
By the end of this course, you will be able to:
* Design a lesson plan with attention to the needs of your ELLs
* Create appropriate modified materials to support your ELLs
* Create formative and summative assessments to measure both content mastery and language development as specified by
your lesson plan’s learning and language objectives
* Rationalize your application of selected methodologies
* Create and implement an engagement action plan specified for your teaching context

What you will learn

Introduction to Capstone and Lesson Plan

Welcome to Module 1 of the Capstone Project for ELL Success in the Content Classroom: A Teacher Toolbox Series specialization. We know that you have worked hard to get to this point in the specialization and are anxious to apply all you have learned to your teaching context. In the first module of this course, you will be designing a lesson plan specific to your teaching context, including content area and available materials, and your ELLs. You will be working through a variety of tasks before submitting the first draft of your lesson plan for peer review. Make sure to refer back to the first course as needed. Good Luck and happy lesson planning!

Modified Materials

Nice Work! Now that you have a working lesson plan draft, you are ready to create the materials needed for the lesson’s activities. In this module, you will be creating brand new materials as well as modifying existing materials to truly support the ELLs in your class as they navigate the lesson you designed in module 1. Make sure to consider modifications and adaptions needed at the both the input and output level of language, as well as additional support in the area of content background knowledge. You will be working through a variety of tasks before submitting drafts of your materials for peer review. Refer back to the first course as needed. Happy creating!


Welcome to module 3! At this point, you have a completed lesson plan and accompanying materials selected, modified and created with the ELL in mind. You are now ready to add appropriate assessment, both formative and summative, to your lesson plan. In this module, you will design at least 1 formative and 1 summative assessment to measure your ELL’s achievement of the day’s lesson. You will work through a variety of steps before submitting a draft of your assessments for peer review. Refer back to the second course as needed. Happy Assessing!


Congratulations! You have now created a lesson plan, supplemental materials, and assessments with the ELL in Mind. As you continue to edit your initial drafts of each, we ask that you take some time and really identify the reasons WHY you chose to apply the methodologies you did within your work. In this module, you will be writing a rationale for the elements present in your lesson plan, your modified materials and your assessments. You will work through a variety of lessons before submitting your rationale for peer review. Refer back to Courses 1 and 2 as needed. Good Luck!

What’s included