Essentials for English Speeches and Presentations 英语演讲与演示


Students must learn essential knowledge and skills to deliver an impressive English speech or presentation for academic purposes, job hunting, and business occasions. Global perspectives and inter-cultural communication skills are taught here to facilitate most Chinese English learners.


What you will learn

Week 1. 学习策略 Learning Strategy

欢迎学习英语演讲与演示课程!有相当一部分中国学生学了很多年英语,却没办法用英文流利地进行演讲和演示。只要我们掌握好精通英语的四个要素,采用科学的学习方法,搭建良好的内在环境,学好英语演讲其实并不难。Session 1 is a must see for all Chinese students, not necessarily for learners from other countries, the lecturer shared his view on English learning based on his first-hand experience communicating with people with different cultures and teaching to Chinese students at all levels, for the past two decades. The scope, pedagogy, and targets of this course are mentioned here.

Week2. 语音语调 Pronunciation and intonation

本周着力于让学生理解和熟悉英语国家发音之间的差异,认识中国学生英语口语存在的诸多问题,然后提出快速纠正发音与语调问题的捷径之路。For non-native English learners, the issue of pronunciation and intonation is among foremost task to tackle before they can deliver a good English speech. Here is the shortcut, people who are not confident with their pronunciation cannot miss this.

Week3. 中西文化差异与全球化视角Cultural Differences and Global Perspective

本周以张宏岩老师竞选巴黎高商学生会主席的演讲为例,分析与总结一篇成功的演讲应具备哪些要素。通过中西文化差异的对比,结合个人故事,提出全球化视角下英语演讲的四个建议。Building up on the case of his personal story, winning presidency of students’ association at a worldwide prestigious MBA school, the lecturer advises on how to put up global perspective in speeches, and how cultural difference affect our speeches. This is among essential parts of this course.

Week4. 演讲中的语言技能与非语言技Verbal and non-verbal skills

一篇成功的演讲不仅要求演讲者具备良好的语言技能,同时对非语言技能的要求也很高。肢体语言、TONE、身体移动与站姿、手势甚至视觉接触都会影响演讲最终的呈现效果。好的演讲者不仅要熟练掌握演讲如何开始如何起承转合如何结尾等语言技能,也应注重培养自己的非语言技能。The lecturer discusses how verbal and non-verbal communication skills function when we conduct English speeches & presentations. Cases mentioned are from home and abroad.

What’s included