Ethical Leadership Specialization


Welcome to the Specialization in Ethical Leadership! Over the course of a few months, we aim to help you understand how to “Grow the Good in Business” through leadership centered in personal integrity, conviction, and values. Corporate culture is often criticized for valuing short-term gains over long-term growth and concern for others. At Notre Dame, our approach integrates ethical, social, and environmental issues into traditional business courses. Our aim is to equip you with cross-functional intelligence, a balanced worldview, and a proper sense of moral purpose that can prepare you to contribute, cooperate, compete, and lead ethically in today’s rapidly changing business environment.

In this Specialization, learners will engage with ethical and moral issues in business and leadership contexts. In each course, participants will communicate ethical and moral leadership perspectives through a progression of skill-based critical thinking, self-reflection, and decision making learning experiences. Each course concludes with a project. These projects include: exploring the role of business in society by applying a critical thinking model; crafting an active listening action plan; applying critical ethical theories to real-world technology situations; creating a personal leadership development plan; examining the presence of diversity, inclusion, equitable leadership, and justice-seeking leadership in personal and professional settings; and identifying the beliefs that define learners morally and spiritually in their professional lives.

What’s included