Exam Prep: HashiCorp Certified Terraform Associate (003)


Terraform is one of the most recognized infrastructure automation tools that help in addressing various real-life challenges. This training course helps you develop your skills and knowledge in Terraform. You can learn the skills for developing cloud infrastructure in an effective and reliable manner. In addition, you can also develop the skills for the automation of infrastructure by using Terraform for public cloud platforms.

Exam Prep: HashiCorp Certified Terraform Associate (003) course contains 11+ hours of Training content. Learners could find a combination of Video Lectures. These lectures are divided into 7 Modules and each module is further split into Lessons. The entire course includes Assessments (both Graded and Non-Graded) to validate the knowledge checks of learners.
Module 1: Terraform: Introduction, Setup, and Installation
Module 2: Terraform: Providers and Statefiles
Module 3: Terraform: Variables, Data Types, and Expressions
Module 4: Terraform: Files and Provisioners
Module 5: Terraform: Modules
Module 6: Terraform: State Management and Workspaces
Module 7: Terraform Cloud Capabilities
Candidates should have hands-on experience in creating services in public cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform. The target audience for this course includes any individual aspiring for infrastructure management in public, private, or hybrid clouds. By the end of this course, a learner will be able to:
– Elaborate on Terraform features and its components.
– Explore Terraform Provisioners, States, data types, and dynamic blocks.
– Analyze Terraform Module sources, Workspaces and Security.
– Explore Terraform Cloud and its features.

What you will learn

Terraform: Introduction, Setup and Installation

Welcome to the Exam Prep: HashiCorp Certified Terraform Associate (003) Course. In the first week, we’ll learn the basic components of HashiCorp Terraform. We will explore the steps to setup AWS account and install Terraform and create a simple infrastructure.

Terraform: Providers and Statefiles

In this second week, we’ll learn about Terraform Providers and how to use multiple providers in a single infrastructure. We will also explore Provider versioning and basics of Terraform Statefiles.

Terraform: Variables, Datatypes, and Expressions

In the third week of this course, we’ll learn to use attributes and variables in terraform configuration. We will explore datatypes, different expressions and function implementation in terraform.

Terraform: Files and Provisioners

In the fourth week of the course, we’ll learn different kinds of files used while configuring infrastructure using Terraform. We will explore the concepts of Provisioners and some other miscellaneous features in Terraform.

What’s included