Excellence in Online Teaching


This course is aimed at anyone who is teaching online or will be in the future. Learners will come away with ways to improve their online courses and teaching practices today.

What you will learn

Module 1: Welcome & Facilitating Online Learning

Welcome to the course! The first lesson of this module will introduce you to the course, course expectations, and your instructors. We hope you find this course insightful and relevant to your teaching and professional goals. Our first module will acclimate you to the foundational theories and modalities of online teaching, discuss best-practices in assessment of learning outcomes, student motivation, and defining success. You will analyze exemplar case studies and focus on being intentional in the online classroom.

Module 2: Accessibility & Inclusivity

Our second module will explore the ways in which online teaching and learning can be designed and implemented in a way that is inclusive of all students. We will cover Universal Design for Learning (UDL), accessibility, inclusivity, and associated legal implications.

Module 3: Innovative Uses of Technology

This module of this course will cover the intentional, efficient, and most effective uses of technology that support student mastery of the learning objectives. Various technologies will be considered for efficacy along with a subsequent deep dive into one technology and its application in your own course(s) will be explored.

Module 4: Student Community Building

As an instructor, how can you encourage community building within the class, department or program, or online campus?

What’s included