Exploratory Data Analysis for the Public Sector with ggplot


Learn about the core pillars of the public sector and the core functions of public administration through statistical Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA). Learn analytical and technical skills using the R programming language to explore, visualize, and present data, with a focus on equity and the administrative functions of planning and reporting. Technical skills in this course will focus on the ggplot2 library of the tidyverse, and include developing bar, line, and scatter charts, generating trend lines, and understanding histograms, kernel density estimations, violin plots, and ridgeplots. These skills are enhanced with lessons on best practices for good information visualization design. Upon completing this course, you will understand the layered grammar of graphics and its implementation in ggplot2, all while exploring a diverse set of authentic public datasets.

All coursework is completed in RStudio in Coursera without the need to install additional software.
This is the second of four courses within the Data Analytics in the Public Sector with R Specialization. The series is ideal for current or early-career professionals working in the public sector looking to gain skills in analyzing public data effectively. It is also ideal for current data analytics professionals or students looking to enter the public sector.

What’s included