Exploring Our Responses to Climate Change Specialization


In this specialization, learners will gain familiarity with the key information sources that constitute the scientific consensus on the human causes of climate change and its associated impacts. We will explore the options for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and preparing for impacts, drawing heavily from the Fourth US National Climate Assessment. The ultimate goal of the specialization is to empower learners to formulate their own plans for reducing emissions and adapting to future impacts, appropriate for their respective households, communities, and workplaces.

To apply our knowledge about climate change and public opinion on the issue, learners will engage in “climate conversations” with a friend, family member, co-worker, or neighbor. We’ll also assemble infographics to explain how policy action can effectively address climate risks. At the end of the specialization, we’ll reflect on these projects and how they might spark climate actions happening in our households, communities, and workplaces.

What’s included