Fashion Systems


The fashion business has grown from the storied Parisian houses of the early 20th century into a global phenomenon. It is highly complex, multi-faceted, and undergoing reinvention. In this course, you will learn about long-standing factors that impact the existing fashion system such as consumption, inclusion, and labor. You’ll explore the “slow fashion” movement, look at holistic and human-centric product development strategies, and build a brand story with core values at its heart. Finally, you’ll consider sustainability and environmental responsibility throughout the fashion design and production processes.

In this course, you’ll be learning from the following Parsons faculty and industry experts:
– Laura Lanteri, Parsons Faculty, Creative Director/Founder, LLNY
– Lucy Jones, Parsons Faculty, CEO, FFORA
– Amanda Hallay, Fashion Historian, Author & Consultant
– Sydney Price, Parsons Faculty, Founder/CEO, The Knew Purpose

What’s included