Finance for Everyone Capstone Project


Each course in F4E offers key insights and knowledge you will be able to apply in real-life situations. You’ll test drive those insights through activities and assessments that will influence your key money Decisions, your participation in financial Markets, your experience in preserving or creating Value, and in managing Debt. These activities are designed to immerse you in financial thinking by giving you a safe environment for buying and selling and for making, creating, simulating, writing, and teaching. Each activity is a milestone in your learning process and each milestone has a product that will be part of your learning portfolio. The Capstone Project is the culmination of your F4E experience. It will engage you in a series of scaffolded and reflective exercises focused on a single aspect of the specialization selected by you to match your learning goals, and will help you create a piece of work that reflects your new knowledge and showcases your new skills for your employer, colleagues, friends and family.

What you will learn

STAGE I: Week 1

Welcome to the Finance for Everyone Capstone Project! In this first Stage – which encompasses Weeks 1 & 2 of the course – you will familiarize yourself with this 8-week course plan, reflect on your experience throughout the first four F4E courses, and begin considering an issue of importance to you that you’d like to address during Stages II and III of your Capstone Project! In Week 1 specifically, you will create an online portfolio to document your work throughout this experience (if you haven’t already!) and begin working on your Reflection, the first deliverable of the course, due next week.

STAGE I: Week 2

This week, you will write and submit your first deliverable – a reflection on your F4E experience thus far. As part of this deliverable, you will be prompted to determine financial issues that matter to you; we recommend that beyond the scope of this submitted reflection, you spend some time this week continuing to think over what problems you may wish to investigate and address during the next two stages of this Capstone. We also suggest you look over the requirements for the Problem Statement assessment, which is due next week.

STAGE II: Week 3

Welcome to Stage II of the Capstone Project, which encompasses Weeks 3, 4, and 5 of the course! In this Stage, you will refine and articulate the financial problem or issue you wish to focus on for the remainder of your Capstone experience, and develop and submit an Action Plan that will propose a way to alleviate that very financial issue. In Week 3 specifically, you will write up and submit your Problem Statement deliverable, the first major step in the Action Plan development process.

STAGE II: Week 4

In Week 4, you will engage in the first of three Peer Review processes in this course, reviewing and providing feedback on the Problem Statements of your peers. You will also begin to build upon your own Problem Statement by working on your Action Plan and thinking about which stakeholder or financial expert you may like to consult for feedback later in Stage III.

What’s included