FinTech: Finance Industry Transformation and Regulation Specialization


This Specialization is intended for finance professional who are seeking to develop skills and understanding of FinTech. Through these four courses, you will cover FinTech foundations and overview, FinTech security and regulation (RegTech), FinTech risk management and FinTech disruptive innovation: implications to society, which will prepare you to become more confident and persuasive in your ability to analyze and make decisions regarding how to react to these changes.
Key Benefits
You will earn a FinTech specialization certificate offered by the HKUST and Coursera after completing all four courses. You can add to your resume and Linkedin profile which can benefit to your career in finance industry. Also you will gain knowledge and insights in FinTech for your current and future career development in Finance industry.
Who is this Specialization for?
Everyone who is interested in FinTech and wants to learn more is welcome and will benefit from this course, and is useful for finance executives, government officers, entrepreneurs, consumers and investors of FinTech.
To know more…
Find out more and watch the FinTech specialization promotional video on Youtube.

Learners will complete 4 peer-graded final projects in 4 courses which require research, analysis and recommendation to finance executives, management and government regulatory bodies, and yourself. You will have a full picture of how FinTech disrupt our society and how we can seize this opportunity to create value and react to these fast changes.

What’s included