FinTech Risk Management


This course “FinTech Risk Management” help you understand risk management and corporate governance in finance industry with the disruption by FinTech and RegTech. You will become more confident to analyse and make recommendations to develop business strategies balancing the risks in operation, reputation and the stability of finance firms.

You will learn about new challenges of compliance with financial requirements and government regulations and how you can deal with these changes, strategies in analysing FinTech risk and how operation risks increase in finance industry in this changing environment. As tech firms are now becoming more like finance firms such as Alibaba, Apple, and Tencent etc., you will learn about the importance of IT compliance and assurance and practical skills in dealing with these changes.

What you will learn

Compliance with financial requirements & government regulations

In this module, we will focus on the financial perspective of FinTech compliance and assurance. Failure to comply with regulations can result in large fines as well as business failures. However, financial compliance is only one part of risk management for FinTech firms.

FinTech Compliance with corporate governance: Objectives, guidelines,& policy

In this module, we examine different types of risks and explain why operational risks and business risks are becoming more important to FinTech firms. The second, third and fourth derivatives for different types of risks are explained and compared. Techniques and tools for risk analysis and internal controls are also described.

IT Compliance & Assurance Part 1

In this module, learners will gain a overall IT perspective of business application development and compliance in this area. We will examine 3 different system changeover methods when implementing new system & replacing the old system and the comparison. Also we will look into the risks associate with new system development and compliance of change management process.

IT Compliance & Assurance Part 2

In this module, learners will gain an overall picture of business continuity plan and disaster recovery plan. It’s essential to plan ahead before something bad happen to the systems (e.g. Data breach or cyber hacking) We will discuss the process of creating a business continuity plan for an organisation and the strategies in data back up and restoration policy.

What’s included